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About Hospice Care Foundation


The Mission of the Hospice Care Foundation is to fund compassionate care activities and educate the community on hospice and palliative care options, while striving to ensure that hospice care options are available to all those in need.


Hospice Care Foundation envisions the achievement of its Mission by endeavoring each day to become an A.C.E. organization:



Awarding grants to organizations, programs and projects who share its passion for improving quality of life for individuals requiring hospice and palliative care.

Providing financial assistance to hospice patients and their families to mitigate the financial burden related to a terminal diagnosis.



Uniting with and sponsoring community organizations to produce high-quality hospice and palliative care information and education events and activities.

Enlisting volunteers and community members to implement creative, energetic and effective fundraising events.



Acting as an information conduit for individuals regarding their hospice and palliative care options.

Utilizing multiple venues and avenues to provide the community with information on HCF operations and activities.

Our Story

The Hospice Care Foundation (HCF) was created in 1981 with the development of the Hospice Ball. The Hospice Ball quickly became a major annual fundraising event in the Missoula area while simultaneously providing outreach and education for the community regarding hospice and palliative care in Western Montana. As the number of attendees and sponsorship interest increased, the administrative demands required to host the event did likewise. The Hospice Care Foundation became a 501(c)(3) in June 2001 and the first permanent staff member was hired in 2007 to facilitate organization and ensure a productive fundraising event.

Since its inception, the Hospice Care Foundation has raised and dispersed funds to hospice and palliative providers throughout the Missoula area. In 2005, the Board elected to focus HCF on a capital fundraising campaign with the long term goal of providing a dedicated hospice facility for Missoula. This campaign would ensure that HCF would remain fiscally solvent and ensuring that funding would be available for building the facility and conducting hospice and palliative care programs.

In March 2010, local hospice care providers and community members were surveyed, government and health regulations reviewed, and cost projections updated. This research indicated that while a hospice facility was desired by the community, support in the form of grants, volunteer support, and community education programs were priorities. New programs and projects that could fulfill these needs were identified including a Community Education Campaign, which began in March 2011, and reinstatement of the Granting Program which supports hospice and palliative care providers. The Residential Hospice House Project remains viable but is a lesser priority for HCF at this time.

In 2015, after receiving feedback from the community, HCF implemented its Assistance to Individuals program to provide assistance directly to hospice patients allowing HCF to provide priority services and community support in a thoughtful and dynamic manner.  At this time, HCF acts as a resource for community members, funds organizations on a monthly and annual basis depending on grant type and funds hospice patients and their families on an ongoing basis.


Current programs of the Hospice Care Foundation include:

  • Making grants to Hospice/Palliative Care Providers in Western Montana on a quarterly basis
  • Providing financial assistance to patients and their families throughout Western Montana, on a rolling basis
  • Educating the community on the Hospice Care Foundation and Hospice Options using social media, E-news, printed news and special events
  • Fundraising for the Future
    • Hospice Ball – Last Friday of February each year
    • Halloween for Hospice – Partnership event with Southgate Mall on Halloween each year
    • Misc. Partnership events and activities throughout the year
  • Hospice Facility Project – Working continually to identify a partner with the long term goal of a Hospice facility for Missoula
  • See below for additional information on the Hospice Facility Project

The Hospice Care Foundation cannot, under its current 501(c)3 status, own – operate – manage a hospice facility; nor would we want to become certified to do so which would make HCF a competitor for the amazing hospice providers already here in Missoula. 

UPDATE 03.23.15:  We are still working on the Hospice House Project.  After extensive work done with The Goodman Group for the proposed Hospice House at the Hillside Health Care Center location, we found that the projected construction costs for the renovation/new construction plan were double what had been estimated and, therefore, not a viable long-term solution. We appreciate all the time, expense, and design expertise The Goodman Group provided to develop schematics for the project. Hospice Care Foundation (HCF) has a strong working relationship with The Goodman Group and appreciate their continued commitment to work with us to develop a Hospice House via alternative development options.

The Hospice Care Foundation cannot ( under its current nonprofit status) own, operate or manage a hospice facility and thus encourages other companies and individuals to join the Hospice House Taskforce to join us in our dedicated effort to establish a hospice facility to serve the Missoula community.  We firmly believe it is a dream that will come to fruition, and funds previously allocated for this project shall be retained in our investment account.

Board Of Directors

Our organization’s operations are overseen by our board of directors comprised of community members and leaders from across Missoula.


Compass Insurance Group
Second Term: 01/03/17 - 01/02/20

Julie Richter

Stacee Lin

Long Term Care Ombudsman
Missoula Aging Services
First Term: 06/04/19 - 06/03/22

Stacy Carey


Financial Representative
WestPac Wealth Partners
First Term: 10/16/19 - 10/15/22

Kelly Eppard

Kelsey Gordon

Community Member
First Term: 03/14/19 - 03/13/22

Kelsey Gordon


Professional Property Management
First Term: 10/17/17 - 10/16/20

Theresa Minjares

Noelle Smith

HMDA Officer/CRA Specialist
Opportunity Bank of Montana
First Term: 04/17/19 - 04/16/22

Noelle Smith