The Hospice Care Foundation (HCF) is a local nonprofit whose mission is to fund compassionate care activities and educate the community on hospice and palliative care options, while striving to ensure that hospice care options are available to all those in need.

In the last two years, HCF has spent nearly $80,000 on program activities including grants for hospice and palliative care, as well as community education programs. During that time HCF has been able to fund eleven organizations located throughout Western Montana with priority given to those located in Missoula County and the surrounding areas. In the last year alone, these organizations have served over 32,000 patients.

On Friday, June 26, 2015, HCF awarded $10,500.00 to five local organizations in three categories which included:

Honoring Our Heroes: $2,000.00 in grants and awards
Missoula Aging Services – Felicia Saunders
Partners In Home Care, Inc. – Meagen Hermes
Tamarack Grief Resource Center – Amy Reingold
Marcus Daly Hospice – Dan & Becky Hoseltom

Compassionate Care Grants: $4,000.00 in reimbursement grants
Missoula Aging Services
Home Options Hospice
Tamarack Grief Resource Center

Program/Project Support Grants: $4,500.00 in grants
Partners In Home Care, Inc.
Missoula Aging Services
Tamarack Grief Resource Center
Marcus Daly Hospice
Home Options Hospice

Hospice and palliative care providers throughout Western Montana may be eligible to apply. To learn more about the Hospice Care Foundation, email Kevi at

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Program/Project Support Grants Summary: The Hospice Care Foundation recognizes that there are many types of palliative care and hospice programs.  The Foundation recognizes that there are programs, projects and activities relating to end of life, palliative care and grief.  The Project/Program Support Grant award was implemented to fund organizations so that they can continue palliative care programs, activities and/or projects and/or implement new ones.

Program Impact: Program/Project Support Grants typically are granted in amounts ranging from $100.00 – $750.00 and may be applied for on a quarterly basis.  Grants are to support programs, activities and projects which are offered to patients in the last six months of life as well as to family members after the patient’s passing and may include:  bereavement/grief support groups; end of life palliative care programs (such as pet therapy, music therapy, hydro therapy, art classes, aroma therapy, etc.); a spiritual care program; volunteer training programs or other programs/projects/activities will be considered if they fall within the scope of being palliative at end of life, or hospice patient related.

Compassionate Care Program Grants

Summary: The Hospice Care Foundation realizes that many times there are individuals who cannot afford palliative and/or hospice care services.  By recognizing and acting upon this need, the Foundation strives to increase the number of individuals served. The Compassionate Care Grant Program was implemented to support organizations that provide palliative and hospice care services to indigent individuals.

(NOTE: Indigent Individuals defined as those who do not have insurance, private financial means and/or other ways to pay their hospice and/or palliative care expenses in full)

Program Impact: Compassionate Care Program Grants are typically awarded in amounts up to $1,000.00 and may be applied for on a quarterly basis.  Grants are to reimburse organizations for providing care to indigent individuals.  These grants can be applied for by organizations for the unpaid and/or unreimbursed costs of palliative and hospice care including:  pain and symptom control, spiritual care, home care, inpatient care, respite care, home hospice needs or patient care items/services.

Honoring Our Heroes Grant Program

Summary:  Volunteers play a vital role in palliative, end-of-life and hospice care services. While volunteers often provide supportive services to organizations in regards to administration or fund development activities, they also provide other necessary services.  These may include: helping to care for patients, providing respite care for family members or patient caregivers, providing spiritual care, and/or assisting with daily chores of maintaining a home for a patient.

Program Impact: The Honoring Our Heroes granting program was created to identify and honor those individuals who make a difference in their communities by contributing their time and talents to local hospice, palliative and end-of-life care organizations.  Individuals who volunteer and have provided services for at least six months may be nominated by the organization for which they volunteer.

The granting program provides both recognition of volunteers and a financial award for the organization for which they provide volunteer services.  A letter of recognition will be presented to all nominees on a quarterly basis.  Quarterly winners will receive a framed certificate of recognition and gift.